Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary to my husband!!  I can’t believe it’s been four years since we said I do at our beach, Humarock.  Every year we now take photographs together at the exact spot we read our vows to each other, but this year we had our daughter with us, yay!

This past year has been the greatest adventure yet!  We became parents to our beautiful daughter, Vivienne.  We went out to dinner as a family to celebrate.  Babe you are my rock, you keep me grounded, my best friend and I still hope we always have fun and laugh together.  Love you more than you know!

As I’ve done in the past, I’m sharing our pictures from the start, at our engagement session with Trevor Dayley.  Our first anniversary Shannon Cronin kindly photographed us.  This year my cousin Madison kindly took some photographs of us.  Enjoy!

xoxo Jen Araya

Photo Credit – Trevor Dayley Photography | www.trevordayley.com

Photo Credit – Shannon Cronin Photography

  • September 7, 2017 - 8:02 pm

    Nancy Loncto - Beautiful pictures and exciting times for Sean, Jen, and Vivienne. Finally putting baby gift together and hopefully will get in mail. Thanks so much for sharing. We have news: moving to a townhouse in Wake Forest. New construction and same functionality as house: three bedrooms and LR, DR, and FR with an office for Steve. So our invite is still there. We will have a pool and no yard work/ Yeh!!ReplyCancel

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It’s hard to believe, but we have a two month old baby.  I’m cherishing every moment with her while I’m on maternity leave.  I haven’t been online as much, but being around her reminds me to put my phone down which I LOVE!!  I’m enjoying the moments and I’m staying present during those times that I won’t get back.

Vivienne got to meet my work friends and Daddy’s work friends, and spend some quality time on the beach.  Everyone loved meeting her and could not get over her hair.  YAY!

I want us to remember all the things that have happened over the past four weeks.  Vivienne, here are a few memories from month two:

  • You have been coo-ing and ahh-ing non stop.  We talk to you and you talk back to us (in a good way) (for now…… 🙂 )
  • Your hair has been the talk of the town whenever someone new meets you.  It has also tripled in length since you were born.  That’s why Mommy bought you some cute bows, but you may have a baby mullet in the back
  • You’re smiling a lot more, and not just when you poop
  • You recognize Mommy and Daddy, which we love!
  • You follow us when we move across the room and will keep your eyes on us all the time (don’t ever stop)
  • You’ve slept through the night a couple of times which, to be honest, scared Mommy a little.  You continue to sleep longer at night (thank you rock star baby!)
  • You are officially a beach bum!
  • You enjoy our walks together
  • You know when we arrive home, because you wake up
  • You’re a fly catcher when you’re in a deep sleep
  • You’re our chunky monkey weighing over 11lbs – a growing girl.  Mommy is still breastfeeding, and we are thankful we can still do this
  • Daddy got to feed you for the first time, and you took the bottle like a champ
  • Your cool new accessory, the harness for your hip dysplasia was a little tougher the last few weeks to get the legs on because your legs would be moving non stop.  You made us work hard, but you no longer need to wear it!!!  This was the biggest highlight of the month.  Before your ultrasound you were talking to mommy and smiling non-stop.  It’s like you knew ahead of time that you wouldn’t have to wear it anymore.  A special moment Mommy will never forget.  I was SO excited to put on the clothes that you couldn’t wear previously!

Here are a few of Vivienne’s favorite things:

  • She loves looking at the fans and outside the window
  • She loves to eat her hands, still discovering them but at times it soothes her
  • She loves playing with her hair!

I still CANNOT believe that I’m a MOM!

xoxo Jen Araya

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The One Mission is a childcare foundation dedicated to helping out pediatric cancer patients and their families during this hard time.  This foundation was built because of the struggles and challenges the founders faced with their son at only 7 months old.  One Mission has grown across the country because of the Buzz-Off Event, which they hold every year at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.  In June, I had the privilege of donating my time to help photograph the event for the third year in a row. I had the privilege of photographing people after they shaved their heads.  No hair, don’t care was the vibe for the day.  We photographed individuals and teams.  It was so rewarding to see their reactions once they saw themselves in the mirror.  It was a truly inspirational day! 

A huge thank you to the founders for creating this amazing event!  It keeps getting bigger and bigger each year.  Enjoy a few photos from this inspirational day!

If you would like to donate or go bald for kids with cancer please check out the websites below.  Hope to see you next year at the Buzz-Off Event!!!



No hair don’t care!

xoxo Jen Araya

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It’s hard to believe, but we have a one month old baby. Everyone said time would fly by and it has!  For the first two weeks I barely picked up my DSLR camera.  I did take photos with my iPhone but to me, it was WAY more important to enjoy the moments together.  I might regret it later but living in the moment is worth it to me.

The first week and a half was overwhelming and hard at times.  I would cry over everything: just looking at her, nursing her at 3am and after her doctors appointments.  It was kind of ridiculous!  Then one day I woke up and felt like myself.  At that point I turned a corner and everything was a little bit easier.  We have adjusted being a family of three.  I remind myself when I’m exhausted that the IVF shots were worth the cute snuggles.

I want us to remember all the things that have happened over the first four weeks.  Vivienne here are a few memories from month one:

  • You lets us sleep 4-6 hours during the night- thank you!
  • You started talking – baby talk
  • You have the best facial expressions
  • We know when you’re hungry
  • You have a cute little harness you wear for your hip dysplasia- a new cool accessory
  • We have endless nicknames for you!  To name a few: Vivi, angel face, squishy face
  • I’m obsessed with your wavy hair, along with everyone else who meets you
  • Watching your daddy take care of you melts my heart every time
  • The way you look up at us when we snuggle.  It’s like your afraid we are going to leave!
  • Taking you to the doctors and after one month you weigh 9lbs 15oz – a growing girl
  • You melt our hearts when you smile at us
  • The blowouts that are too impressive to get upset about (most of the time) 🙂

Here are a few of Vivienne’s favorite things:

  • She loves looking out the window, looking at light fixtures or looking up at the fans
  • She loves sleeping on her stomach on our chests
  • She loves the car
  • She’s a beach bum already!
  • She looks pretty in pink!

I still CANNOT believe that I’m a MOM and that you are our daughter!  I’m so thankful that our IVF journey worked out.  I love our little family!  We love you beautiful girl!

xoxo Jen Araya

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Introducing Baby Pidg!  The newest addition to our family has arrived, Vivienne Leigh!  She was born on Sunday, June 25th at 4:19 pm, weighing 8lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long.  We had decided not to find out Baby Pidg’s gender so it was a great surprise when she arrived.  I had dreamt we would have a girl when I was about 4 or 5 months pregnant, but most people had been guessing that we were having a boy.  Finding out that day combined with those little ideas in our heads from talking to people made only added to our anticipation!

One of the best parts was that Sean got to announce the gender once Vivienne was born.  A friend has suggested this, and it was SUCH a great experience.  I can’t even describe that moment, because it is just crazy to love someone more than you could imagine from the very second you lay eyes on them.  She has changed our lives forever, and we can’t remember what life was like without her. 

We are all adjusting to being a family of three, and loving every minute.  Vivienne just turned four weeks old this past Sunday and it’s flying by TOO FAST already!

Here are some quick snaps of our little cutie pie, and yes, she has a lot of hair!  I’m OBSESSED with it!!

*Please note that these photos are a mix of those taken with my camera and my phone.  I have been trying to be present and enjoy every moment with my daughter, and have no regrets so far.  I also have to admit to needing to adjust to being a first time mom!!!*

Thank you to IVF New England for making our dreams come true!

xoxo Jen Araya

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