Have you ever started dancing in your car? Maybe? BECAUSE I DO IT ALL THE TIME. If I hear a song I love it gets me moving. As you already know I love the beach and have been known to dance in my beach chair as well. There’s something about a good song in the sun that just gives me a burst of energy! To go hand in hand with that, I love to laugh and am always quick with a smile. I might be spending time with my husband enjoying cheese dipped in honey or just wandering a new or favorite destination in a sundress, but either way I’m always looking forward to the next laugh, smile or experience. I’d love to learn what makes you smile and turn that into a perfect day! That’s precisely what your photographs should be about, and my goal is to capture those moments. I want to make your wedding day, and the time leading up to that amazing day, as memorable as possible. This is your time to shine! What makes you laugh so hard you almost cry? As your photographer my focus is on creating an image that will bring you back to your wedding day for years to come.